Mini Map Sidebar


Surf the Internet and Google Maps at the same time


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For sure that you know Google Maps, the powerful geolocalization tool by Google that allows you to view and position any place in the world in a snap.

Mini Map Sidebar is an add-on for Firefox that allows you to surf the Internet while viewing and navigating the maps of Google Maps within your favorite web browser.

This add-on is very useful when we need to know exactly where a certain street or place is, because we'll have the browser's window divided into two parts: one featuring Google Maps and the other part featuring the website we want, so we can drag and drop the name of the street in the search box and navigate the map with no problem.

IF you usually have to search for places in Google maps, from now on you won't have to change from one tab to another, you'll be able to have the map and the websites on screen at the same time.
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